Oceanographer and engineer Jacques Piccard, whose work involving underwater vehicles revolutionized deep-sea exploration, died at the age of 86 at his Lake Geneva home in Switzerland’s municipality of Cully. Piccard was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1922. He came from a renowned Swiss family of adventurers and transportation pioneers. His father, Auguste Piccard, was an accomplished inventor and... Continue Reading →

Hélène Dutrieu, whose skills and accomplishments involved several modes of transportation, was born in the municipality of Tournai in Belgium. By the time she was only 15, she had already established herself as a professional track cyclist. One of Dutrieu’s biggest achievements in this role took place in 1893 when she set a new women’s... Continue Reading →

A new station of the Brussels Metro, a rapid transit system serving Belgium’s capital city and several neighboring municipalities, was opened. The Sainte-Catherine metro station owes its name to a nearby historic Catholic church in the section of central Brussels known as the Lower Town. The station marked the western terminus of the Brussels Metro... Continue Reading →

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