June 11, 1962 Five-year-old Robert Patch made both transportation history and playtime history when he submitted a patent application for a toy truck he had designed. The toy, as outlined in the drawings that accompanied his application, could easily be taken apart and put back together by just about any kid.  In addition, it was... Continue Reading →

May 22, 1849 Abraham Lincoln, at the time 40 years old and a self-described "prairie lawyer" from Illinois (as well as a recently retired one-term U.S. congressman), was issued a patent for a flotation device for the movement of boats in shallow water. To date, this patent is the only one ever registered to somebody... Continue Reading →

  Patent No. 1,000,000 was issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office to Francis H. Holton for the invention of a tubeless vehicle tire. Beyond the celebration of the milestone patent number achieved by Holton, the invention was important for other reasons.   It represented the incredible advancement of transportation technology since the first... Continue Reading →

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