May 25, 2008 A pontoon bridge in the Okanagan Valley of the Canadian province of British Columbia was opened to traffic. (A pontoon bridge has floats or shallow-draft boats to support a continuous deck.) This bridge crosses Okanagan Lake and serves as a link between the cities of Kelowna and West Kelowna. This structure replaced... Continue Reading →

May 11, 2021 The final segment of a rail trail in Montgomery County in the Philadelphia metropolitan area was officially completed. This route -- known as the Pennypack Trail -- is located along the former alignment of the Fox Chase Line, a regional rail service of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). The trail owes... Continue Reading →

April 24, 2010 A unique type of pedestrian bridge was officially dedicated in southern Singapore. The Double Helix Bridge (now called just the Helix Bridge), which spans Marina Bay, serves as a major link between Marina South peninsula and -- within Singapore’s economic center known as Downtown Core -- Marina Centre.  The Helix Bridge was... Continue Reading →

April 17, 2018 The Australian Sikh Heritage Trail was formally opened. This group of interconnected pathways is located in Adenia Park in Riverton, a southeastern suburb of Perth in the state of Western Australia (WA). The local government area of Riverton is the City of Canning. The trail commemorates the history of Sikhs in Australia.... Continue Reading →

April 6, 1974 In the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW), a dedication ceremony was held for a concrete box girder bridge crossing the Myall River and connecting the towns of Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest. The Tea Gardens-Hawks Nest Bridge was officially opened by Leon Punch (1928-1991), who served as NSW’s minister for... Continue Reading →

 February 27, 2002 A dedication ceremony was held for a pedestrian and bicycle bridge spanning Interstate 80 (I-80) in the city of Berkeley, California. “Jubilation as New Bridge Opens Car-Free Access,” announced a headline in the next day’s edition of the Oakland Tribune. This tied-arch concrete bridge, which is known as the I-80 Bicycle and... Continue Reading →

January 24, 2019 In the western section of London, a newly completed pedestrian bridge in the city’s district of Chiswick was officially opened. Chiswick Park Footbridge is located just north of Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve. This 114.8 (35-meter)-long bridge serves as a connection between Chiswick Business Park, a development that encompasses the London-area offices of... Continue Reading →

January 6, 1922 Construction began on a suspension bridge that would cross the Delaware River and serve as a link between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Camden, New Jersey. As part of the festivities marking the start of work on this structure (originally known as the Delaware River Bridge), a salute of 17 guns was fired from... Continue Reading →

January 5, 2013 Philosopher’s Way, a 2.7-mile (4.3-kilometer) loop trail around the perimeter of John McLaren Park in San Francisco, was opened to the public. This trail is the first and only one in the United States to be built primarily for philosophers. The key features of Philosopher’s Way include a total of 14 stone... Continue Reading →

December 2, 2020 In the western section of New Zealand’s North Island, a bridge for bicyclists and pedestrians was officially opened in the vicinity of the settlement of Upokongaro. The Upokongaro Cycle Bridge spans the Whanganui River. This 430-foot (130-meter) structure connects Upokongaro on the Whanganui River’s left bank with the community of Papaiti on... Continue Reading →

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