June 9, 1900 The steamboat Natoma was officially launched on Harvey’s Lake in northeastern Pennsylvania. The lake, which is one of the largest in Pennsylvania, had developed into a highly popular summer resort by the early 1890s. Steamboats were a major source of the appeal for those vacationing at the resort and the Natoma – a... Continue Reading →

October 24, 1858 In what is now central Oregon, entrepreneurs E.F. Coe and R.R. Thompson launched their newly built steamboat Colonel Wright at the mouth of the Deschutes River. The sternwheel-propelled vessel proved to be a reliable means of transporting freight and passengers in the Pacific Northwest. She also played a pioneering role in the... Continue Reading →

Mary Millicent Miller (1846-1894) was a maritime transportation pioneer who started out life in Louisville, Kentucky, as the daughter of a steamboat engineer. She set upon a career path similar to her father’s after she married a riverboat operator named George Miller. Using a steamboat called the Saline, the couple regularly transported passengers and freight... Continue Reading →

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