June 7, 1986 In northern Virginia, the opening of a 9.1-mile (14.7-kilometer) extension of the Washington Metro rapid transit system’s Orange Line was celebrated with great fanfare. The public debut of this extension marked the official completion of the Orange Line a little over seven-and-a-half years after the inauguration of its first segment. This line’s... Continue Reading →

As a longtime businessman and civic leader in the city of Portland in Oregon, Bill Naito became a strong champion of public transportation initiatives in that part of the world. He was born in Portland on September 16, 1925, to Hide and Fukiye Naito, who had immigrated to the United States from Japan in 1912.... Continue Reading →

May 15, 2004 Amadora Este station on the Blue Line of the Lisbon Metro, the rapid transit station operating in the metropolitan area centered on Portugal’s capital city, first went into service. This underground station is located beneath a major bus terminal in the municipality and city of Amadora, which is 6.2 miles (10 kilometers)... Continue Reading →

April 26, 2015 EverLine, an automated driverless guideway transit line (also known as a people mover) in South Korea’s city of Yongin in the Seoul Capital Area -- the fourth largest metropolitan region in the world -- was formally opened to great fanfare. This transit line serves as a key link between Everland, which is... Continue Reading →

April 14, 2011 In the western region of the Federal Republic of Germany, a newly completed railway station was inaugurated in the city of Koblenz in the state of Rhineland Palatinate. Construction on Koblenz Stadtmitte station had begun in January 2008, and this facility ultimately opened the day before numerous people would be traveling via... Continue Reading →

April 13, 2012 In northwestern Illinois, an intercity train station serving Amtrak (the national passenger railroad company in the United States) in the city of Kewanee was officially opened. This depot replaced a small brick shelter that had been built there in 1986. The current version of Kewanee station, which was designed by the Peoria-based... Continue Reading →

April 12, 1890 Nearly three decades after becoming the first streetcar company to operate in Washington, D.C., the Washington and Georgetown Railroad achieved a new milestone by switching from horse-drawn streetcars to cable cars. “CABLE CARS RUNNING,” proclaimed a headline in that day’s edition of the Washington Critic. This change took placed due to a... Continue Reading →

April 7, 2018 On New Zealand’s North Island, a bus station in Manukau (a suburb of the city of Auckland) was officially opened. Those on hand for this inaugural ceremony included Phil Twyford, New Zealand’s minister of transport from 2017 to 2020; and Phil Goff, mayor of Auckland between 2016 and 2022. Construction on Manukau... Continue Reading →

April 5, 1997 Parque Bustamante (Bustamante Park) station, a facility of Line 5 of the Chilean rapid transit system known as the Santiago Metro, first went into service in the commune of Providencia in the vicinity of Chile’s capital city of Santiago. This underground station owes its name to the urban park that is located... Continue Reading →

March 27, 2004 Odivelas station on the Yellow Line of the Lisbon Metro, the rapid transit system operating in the metropolitan area centered on Portugal’s capital city, first went into service. This station, which is in the city and municipality of Odivelas (northwest of Lisbon), was one of five Yellow Line stations opened on the... Continue Reading →

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