November 12, 1901 Industrial designer Alexis de Sakhnoffsky was born in the Ukrainian city of Kiev in what was then the Russian Empire. He fled his homeland by 1920 in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution and ended up pursuing a wide-ranging design career that included many transportation makes and models.  Throughout a large part of... Continue Reading →

May 5, 1913 An assortment of motor trucks departed Washington, D.C., on a Monday morning for a four-day, round-trip “reliability run” that would take them through valleys and among mountains in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  The Washington Post Motor Truck Reliability Run, the first competition of its kind held in that region of the United States,... Continue Reading →

April 27, 1904 The Lansden Company, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, was incorporated in New Jersey. The Newark-based company had been launched by John M. Lansden, along with William M. Little, and they focused mainly on such large vehicles as trucks. The Lansden Company soon established itself as a major force in the electric vehicles market... Continue Reading →

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