March 17, 1817 In the northern region of the present-day Republic of Ireland, a new lighthouse first went into service at the end of a peninsula known as Fanad. (At that time, the kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland were merged together as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; this sovereign state remained... Continue Reading →

October 16, 1961 Cork Airport was officially opened in the Republic of Ireland. Located in the southwestern part of the country, this airport is four miles (6.5 kilometers) south of the city of Cork. Plans for an airport in the area had been under serious discussion as far back as 1928. The actual construction of... Continue Reading →

December 19, 1983 The Irish Naval Service vessel  LĖ Eithne (P31) was launched at Verolme Cork Dockyard at Great Island in Ireland’s Cork Harbour. The prefix “LĖ” stands for “Long Ėiereannach,” which means “Irish ship” in the Irish language, a.k.a., Gaelic; “Eithne” refers to an Irish mythology character whose father was a one-eyed supernatural king... Continue Reading →

The M6 motorway was fully opened in the Republic of Ireland. This road, combined with the M4 motorway, serves as a key connection between the cities of Dublin and Galway. (Motorways constitute the highest category of roads in Ireland; the designation for these routes begins with the letter M and may include up to three... Continue Reading →

In Ireland, a form of integrated ticketing for a cross-section of transit networks made its debut in the Dublin region. The Leap Card is a prepaid card that can be used for public transportation services such as Dublin Bus, the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) system, Iranród Éireann (Irish Rail), and Luas tram/light rail network.... Continue Reading →

A new lighthouse began operations on a shallow sandbank that is about seven miles (11 kilometers) off the coast of Ireland’s capital of Dublin. The Kish Lighthouse – located on the sandbank known as the Kish Bank in Dublin Bay-- has since become a familiar landmark for those sailing through this region of the Emerald... Continue Reading →

A new lighthouse was first lit in northwestern Ireland just before being completed. Rotten Island lighthouse remains in operation today as a key navigational aid for vessels making their way from St. John’s Point to Killybegs Harbour in Donegal Bay. The origins of the lighthouse can be traced to the spring of 1832, when the... Continue Reading →

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