February 28, 2015 A newly built railway station was opened in the city of Delft in the Netherlands’ province of South Holland. This city has played a huge role in Dutch history over the centuries and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands. Delft -- located between Rotterdam to the southeast... Continue Reading →

June 29, 2012 In western Switzerland’s canton (member state) of Vaud, a railway station was formally inaugurated in the municipality of Prilly. (This municipality is a western suburb of Lausanne, the capital of Vaud, and located near that city’s district of Malley.) It took three-and-a-half years for Switzerland’s national railway company Swiss Federal Railways (also... Continue Reading →

January 14, 2010 On New Zealand’s North Island, a recently completed version of a railway station building in the Auckland suburb of Newmarket was formally opened. The Newmarket railway station had first gone into service in 1873, and it originally consisted of a single island platform that could be accessed only via a ramp or... Continue Reading →

January 4, 2005 A newly renovated railway station in the Moroccan city of Casablanca was officially reopened. This station, which dates back to 1912, is located in Casablanca’s quartier (neighborhood) of Oasis. The year-long refurbishment of the Oasis (or Casa-Oasis) railway station was carried out by ONCF, a state-owned company that is managed by Morocco’s... Continue Reading →

January 3, 1966 A longtime railway station in the village and civil parish of Adlestrop in southwestern England was closed to passenger traffic. This marked the complete shutdown of that station, which had been closed to goods traffic during the summer of 1963. Adlestrop railway station was opened in 1853 by the Oxford, Worcester and... Continue Reading →

December 2, 1961 An airport in northeastern Italy’s region of Friuli Venezia Giulia officially began commercial operations. This airport is specifically located about 19 miles (30 kilometers) northwest of Trieste, the capital city of Friuli Venezia Giulia. As far back as 1935, that aviation facility had been used as a base for the country’s air... Continue Reading →

October 18, 1869 In Australia, a railway station in the town of Bowenfels in the colony (now state) of New South Wales (NSW) was opened. The Bowenfels railway station was built as part of the Main Western Railway (also known as the Main Western Line) in that region of Australia. This station was designed by... Continue Reading →

October 13, 1881 A railway station that been constructed in the city of Larvik in southeastern Norway was formally opened. At the time, the present-day Kingdom of Norway was part of the United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway. Larvik Station was built as part of the Vestfold Line in that region of Norway. Construction on... Continue Reading →

October 11, 1852 A station in the village of Ferryside in southwest Wales was opened as part of the South Wales Railway. Ferryside railway station was one of five stations serving the South Wales Railway to begin operations on that date. Those other stations were built in the Welsh towns of Llanelly (now known as... Continue Reading →

July 8, 1856 A railway station was opened in the hamlet of Broomielaw in northeastern England as part of the Darlington and Barnard Castle Railway’s line serving that region. Unlike the other stations along the line that were also opened at the time, Broomielaw railway station was originally not intended for public use. The facility... Continue Reading →

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