A new station of the Brussels Metro, a rapid transit system serving Belgium’s capital city and several neighboring municipalities, was opened. The Sainte-Catherine metro station owes its name to a nearby historic Catholic church in the section of central Brussels known as the Lower Town. The station marked the western terminus of the Brussels Metro... Continue Reading →

A dedication ceremony was held for a new international airport in east-central France. French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing formally inaugurated the airport, which opened to passengers a week later. Lyon Satolas Airport was built in Colombier-Saugnieu; this commune is approximately 13 miles from Lyon, the third largest city in France. The facility was designed in... Continue Reading →

In Western Asia, a ceremony was held during a key phase in the construction of a series of bridges and causeways between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The ceremony involved Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, prime minister of Bahrain, pressing a button that installed a section of box girders developed for the project. This installation,... Continue Reading →

[Unfortunately, no pictures of HMSAS Africana exist.] After several years of military service that included life-saving actions during World War II, HMSAS (His Majesty’s South African Ship) Africana was decommissioned. The ship, which was launched in 1930, spent most of her existence as a South African vessel at a time when the country had semi-independent... Continue Reading →

The first electric tram (streetcar) service on Tenerife – the largest and most heavily populated of the seven Canary Islands -- was inaugurated. (The Canary Islands, an Atlantic archipelago located approximately 60 miles west of the African coast, was made a Spanish province in 1821 and would become an autonomous region of Spain in 1982.)... Continue Reading →

The runway for a new airport in the Maldives, a country situated in the Indian Ocean, was completed four years after construction on the paved strip had begun. The conclusion of work on the runway marked an important step in building the airport on the Maldivan island of Kaadedhdhoo, with the facility officially opening about... Continue Reading →

Francis Goold Morony Stoney, an engineer whose accomplishments and influence extended to transportation infrastructure across the globe, was born in County Tipperary in Ireland. Early on in his career, he worked on building railways in Ireland. Ultimately, however, Stoney’s engineering efforts assumed international proportions. Starting in 1865, for example, he spent time in Peru on... Continue Reading →

In Western Australia, a new main road between the town of Muchea (on the northern outskirts of the Perth metropolitan area) and the port city of Geraldton was officially opened. Western Australia’s Transport Minister Ray O’Connor was on hand for this dedication ceremony, which took place in the town of Eneabba. There were plans to... Continue Reading →

In Italy, a new light rail system opened in the city of Messina on the island of Sicily. The 4.8-mile-long Tranvia di Messina, which replaced a bus line, made its debut more than a half-century after the last tramway network serving one of Sicily’s largest cities had ceased operations. With a rolling stock of 15... Continue Reading →

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