Today in Transportation History – April 4, 1975: An Important Highway Link Opens in Western Australia

In Western Australia, a new main road between the town of Muchea (on the northern outskirts of the Perth metropolitan area) and the port city of Geraldton was officially opened. Western Australia’s Transport Minister Ray O’Connor was on hand for this dedication ceremony, which took place in the town of Eneabba.

There were plans to build this road as far back as the early 1940s, and actual construction on it began in 1959. This route was initially designated as part of the Geraldton Highway, which had been in existence since 1943. About a year after the route was opened, however, it was formally named Brand Highway in honor of longtime Western Australian Premier David Brand. A plaque commemorating the highway’s new name was unveiled at a tourist information center along the route in the town of Dongara.

As one of Western Australia’s extensive coastal links, the 229-mile Brand Highway has helped reduce the travel time for those driving between the major cities of Perth and Geraldton. The route is also a part of Highway 1, which circumnavigates the mainland of the Australian continent and ranks among the world’s longest national highways.

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