August 1, 1946 A major European airline was established to handle the intercontinental flights of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. This new entity was named Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), and it specifically started out as a consortium pooling together the operations and resources of Swedish Intercontinental Airlines, Danish Air Lines and Norwegian Air Lines. Per A.... Continue Reading →

July 1, 2000 The Øresund Bridge, which spans across the Øresund strait and connects Denmark with Sweden, was officially opened. The structure encompasses both the double-track Øresund Railway and four lanes of the international highway European route E20. The bridge runs for about five miles (eight kilometers) from the Swedish coast to the artificial island... Continue Reading →

Swedish sailing pioneer Dagmar Mörner Salén died in Stockholm at the age of 79. She was born into Swedish nobility in 1901 in the city of Örebro. In 1931, she married Sven Salén (1890-1969). Along with being a highly regarded songwriter, he was a businessman who founded and operated the shipbuilding firm Salén Lines (part... Continue Reading →

The SS Savannah became the first steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was built in 1818 by the New York shipbuilding firm of Fickett & Crockett. During its construction, Captain Moses Rogers asked the Savannah-based shipping company, Scarborough & Isaacs, to convert it to a steamship with the goal of providing the world's... Continue Reading →

A sailing replica of the 18th-century Swedish ship Götheborg was launched. The ceremony took place in the presence of members of the Swedish royal family at the Terra Nova shipyard in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast. The original ship had been built for the Swedish East India Company, which conducted trade with East Asia, and... Continue Reading →

As World War II in Europe was fast approaching its end, an extensive operation known as “White Buses” began using a fleet of vehicles to rescue concentration camp inmates in Nazi Germany. White Buses was jointly conducted by the Swedish Red Cross and the Danish government. (Sweden was neutral throughout the war; Denmark, for its... Continue Reading →

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