Today in Transportation History – 1965: A New Brazilian Aircraft Debuts

In Brazil, the first flight of a new two-seat trainer aircraft took place. The low-wing monoplane, which became known as the A-122 Uirapuru, could accommodate both the pilot and instructor side-by-side. The A-122 Uirapuru was built by Aerotec, a design and manufacturing company that had been founded in the city of San Jose do Campos in 1962 under the auspices of the Brazilian General Command for Aerospace Technology. Carlos Gonçalves and José Carlos de Sousa Reis designed the plane for Aerotec.

Within a few years after the aircraft’s maiden flight, the Brazilian Air Force had ordered dozens of these planes for military training. An additional number of the planes were eventually manufactured for other air forces in South America and also for civilian use. By the time production of the A-122 Uirapuru ceased in 1977, more than 150 of these planes had been built.

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