Today in Transportation History – 1909: The First Mail Bus in Norway

One of the first bus routes in Norway began regular service between Steinkjer and Namsos in the central part of the country.  This bus route also had the distinction of being the first one in Norway to transport mail, with stops en route at a total of six post offices. This considerably shortened the time for delivering the mail, which had previously been transported via horse-drawn carriages.

The bus route also increased the number of times each week for getting the mail to the post offices; while the horse-drawn carriages had made postal rounds three or four days a week, the motorized buses were able to perform the same service six days each week.

The pioneering bus route was operated by the Stenkjær og Namsos Automobilselskap, and the company initially used two seven-seat Rex Simplex vehicles for its operations. The drivers for the route when it began were Oliver J. Ivarsen and Sigurd Nilsen. Stenkjær og Namsos Automobilselskap continued operating the route until 1920 when the company and its services were taken over by Fylkesbilene i Nord-Trøndelag.

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