Today in Transportation History – 1847: All Aboard A New Railway Station in Poland!

In present-day Poland, a new railway station was opened in the city of Kraków. (At the time, the city had recently become part of a section of the Austrian Empire known as the Grand Duchy of Kraków.) On the same day of the station’s formal debut, the first train to operate at the facility departed there for the city of Mysłowice. A miniature silver version of the steam engine used to move this inaugural train can be seen today near the station in Kraców.

Original appearance of the station building in the 1850s

The station was built as a terminus of the Kraców-Upper Silesia Railway, and construction on the facility had started in 1844. Peter Rosenbaum, an architect from the city of Wrocław (approximately 170 miles northwest of Kraków), designed the station in a neo-Renaissance style. At the time of its completion, the facility was widely regarded as one of the most modern and beautiful railway stations in that region of Europe.

To accommodate increasing railway traffic, the station was renovated and enlarged several times both between 1869 and 1894 and during the 1930s. The station has undergone additional renovations in more recent years. Kraków Główny railway station, as it is officially called, remains the largest and most centrally located facility of its kind in one of Poland’s oldest and most populous cities.

For more information about Kraków Glówny railway station, please check outów_Główny_railway_station and

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