Today in Transportation History – 2015: Launch of a Superyacht

In northwestern Germany, the record-setting motor luxury yacht Dilbar was launched at the Lürssen shipyard in the city of Bremen. The 512-foot (156-meter)-long vessel is the world’s fourth largest yacht by length. With a total interior volume of 15,197 gross tons, Dilbar is also widely considered to the largest yacht in terms of volume. It is also believed that Dilbar’s swimming pool, measuring 6,357 cubic feet (180 cubic meters), is the largest on any yacht.  In addition, Dilbar’s 40,231-horsepower (30,000-kilowatt) diesel-electric plant – allowing the vessel to cruise at a speed of 22.5 knots (42 kilometers or 26 miles per hour) – is among the largest to be found on a yacht.

“Building Dilbar was a great challenge and we are proud of this achievement, especially considering the contract time of only 52 months,” stated shipyard managing partner Peter Lürssen in an interview with the SuperYacht Times newspaper. “She truly represents another exceptional milestone in not only our history but in yachting history as well.” The yacht is now owned by business magnate Alisher Usmanov, who renamed her “Ona” in honor of his mother.

For more information about Dilbar, please check out and the 22 June 2016 SuperYacht Times article “A new look at the world’s largest yacht: Dilbar” at

Aerial footage of the newly launched Dilbar is available at

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