This Biplane Was Doubly Ahead of Its Time

January 3, 1922

The Aero Letňany A.10, which was the first commercial aircraft to be built in Czechoslovakia, made its inaugural flight. (Czechoslovakia came into existence in 1918 after breaking free from the Austro-Hungarian Empire; it remained a sovereign state until peacefully dissolving into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993.) The Aero Letňany A.10 – also known as the Ae-10 Limousine – was a biplane airliner that had been created to meet the growing need for regular and viable airborne transportation within Czechoslovakia.

The significance of the new aircraft did not go unnoticed on the global stage. Just over six months after the Aero Letňany A.10 first took to the skies, an article in the British weekly publication Flight proclaimed that Czechoslovakia “has demonstrated that, in spite of the fact that up to a few years ago its aviation industry was conspicuous for its absence, it is already capable of taking its place among the foremost aircraft constructing nations.”

The article also noted, “The new commercial machine has just been turned out from the works of the Aero Aircraft Factory of Prague, whose designers, MM, Husnik and Vlasák, are to be congratulated in having produced a machine the general lines of which at once strike one as being both practical and pleasant to the eye.”

When the Československé státní aerolinie (Czechoslovak State Airlines) was established during the fall of 1923, five models of the Aero Letňany A.10 were placed in service for the new company’s route between Prague and Bratislava. The pioneering biplane airliner remained in operation until it was retired in 1928.

For more information on the Aero Letňany A.10, please check out

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