2000: Work Began on the Second Longest Tunnel in Luxembourg

November 21, 2000

Drilling work began on the Gousselerbierg Tunnel in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This essential phase in the construction of the tunnel was inaugurated a little over seven months after preparatory work on the structure had commenced.

The Gousselerbierg Tunnel, which actually consists of two parallel road tunnels, was named for the hill through which it passes in central Luxembourg. This hill is located near the town of Gosseldange in the commune of Lintgen. Construction on the Gousselerbierg Tunnel continued for more than two years after drilling efforts were initiated. The dedication of the structure took place in December 2002. This ceremony involved having Henri, the grand duke (monarchical head of state) of Luxembourg, detonate an explosive charge that connected the ends of each of the two tunnels.

The Gousselerbierg Tunnel was the first of three major tunnels carrying the A7 motorway to be opened. The A7 motorway serves as a key link between Luxembourg City, which is the capital of that sovereign European microstate and located in its southern region, and the northern part of Luxembourg. The other two major tunnels that have been built along that route are the Grouft Tunnel and the Stafelter Tunnel.

Measuring 8.842 feet (2,695 meters) in length, the Gousselerbierg Tunnel is second only to the Grouft Tunnel (with a length of 9,678 feet, or 2,950 meters) as the longest tunnel in Luxembourg. Each of the twin tunnels that comprise the Gousselerbierg Tunnel contains two lanes for traffic.

For more information on the Gousselerbierg Tunnel, please check out  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gousselerbierg_Tunnel and https://structurae.net/en/structures/gousselerbierg-tunnel.

(Picture courtesy of The Luxembourg Times.)

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