Construction Begins on a Major Highway in Puerto Rico

In 1968, construction began on Puerto Rico Highway 52 (PR-52). This project was completed seven years later. PR-52, which is maintained by the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works, covers 67.4 miles (108.5 kilometers) between Puerto Rico’s capital of San Juan in the north and the city and municipality of Ponce on the southern coast of the island.

PR-52 is the longest and second most heavily traveled toll road in Puerto Rico. A familiar site along this route is the Monumento al Jibaro Puertorriqueño (Monument to the Puerto Rican Countryman), which is located at a rest area in the municipality of Salinas. This monument to various rural workers in Puerto Rico was sculpted by Tomás Batista during the 1970s.

In 1993, PR-52 was officially named Autopista (Highway) Luis A. Ferré in honor of a one-time governor of Puerto Rico. Most of the construction on PR-52 took place during Ferré’s term as governor from 1969 to 1973.

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