Alberto Ascari, who became one of the world’s leading race car drivers, was born in Milan, Italy. His father Antonio Ascari was also an accomplished racecar driver. He died after his vehicle crashed in the 1925 French Grand Prix, just a little over a week before Alberto’s seventh birthday. Despite the tragic circumstances of his... Continue Reading →

A new light rail system began operations in Genoa, Italy’s sixth largest city (nicknamed “The Proud One” for its storied past and historic landmarks). The debut of the first section of the single-line Genoa Metro coincided with the 14th FIFA World Cup, the quadrennial international football world championship tournament; that year’s competition was sponsored by... Continue Reading →

Umberto Cagni, a captain in the Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy), set a new transportation record when he and the small party he was leading reached the northernmost point achieved in polar exploration up to that time. Cagni was a close associate of Prince Luigi Amedeo, an Italian duke. When he departed from Norway in... Continue Reading →

In Italy, a new light rail system opened in the city of Messina on the island of Sicily. The 4.8-mile-long Tranvia di Messina, which replaced a bus line, made its debut more than a half-century after the last tramway network serving one of Sicily’s largest cities had ceased operations. With a rolling stock of 15... Continue Reading →

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