Today in Transportation History – 2015: Finland Names Its Newest Icebreaker

In Finland, a naming ceremony was held at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard for a pioneering icebreaker. The naming contest for the new vessel had been launched by the Finnish Transport Agency during the summer of 2014. The winning entry for this contest was Polaris, the name for the major navigational star commonly known as the North Star.

As a part of the naming ceremony for the icebreaker Polaris, a bottle of champagne was broken against the vessel’s hull. Paula Risikko, second deputy speaker of the Finnish Parliament at the time, served as the godmother of Polaris during the ceremony. “Polaris is a great example of Finnish Arctic know-how,” she said. “It is an honor to be the vessel’s godmother.” Others likewise highlighted the significance of the event. “The naming of a Finnish icebreaker is a great occasion for the shipyard and for the entire Finnish maritime sector,” asserted Esko Mustamäki, the shipyard’s managing director. “We hope to see more of these events in the future.”

Polaris – 360 feet (110 meters) in length – is the most powerful icebreaker to date to fly the Finnish flag. The vessel also has the distinction of being the first icebreaker equipped with an environmentally friendly dual-fuel engine able to use both low-sulfur marine diesel oil and liquefied natural gas.

For more information on the icebreaker Polaris, please check out

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