This Beautiful Bridge Reflects Its Country’s Colors

April 4, 2016

In Indonesia, Merah-Putih Bridge was dedicated in the province of Maluku less than five years after construction on it had begun. Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo formally opened the red-and-white bridge, which spans Ambon Bay in Maluku’s capital city of Ambon. Other public officials attending this ceremony included Basuki Hadimuljono, Indonesia’s minister of public works and public housing; and Said Assegaf, governor of Maluku.

Merah-Putih Bridge was built in large part to reduce the travel time between downtown Ambon on Lei Timur Peninsula in the south and Pattimura International Airport on Lei Hitu Peninsula in the north. On the day of the bridge’s dedication, Jokowi issued a press statement in which he highlighted the potential tourism benefits of the new structure. He stated, “The beauty of Ambon city, particularly Ambon Bay, will be enjoyed by visitors.” Jokowi also noted how Merah-Putih Bridge was a key component of his administration’s focus on new and improved infrastructure nationwide.

Measuring 3,740 feet (1,140 meters) in length, Merah-Putih Bridge is the longest bridge in the eastern region of Indonesia. The structure has also become one of Ambon’s most popular landmarks. This cable-stayed bridge owes both its name and colors to Indonesia’s flag. This flag, which was introduced in 1945, is widely known as “Bendera Merah-Putih” (the Indonesian phrase for “Red-and-White Flag”).

Additional information on the opening of Merah-Putih Bridge is available at

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