2019: A Major Milestone for a Brazilian Airport

September 28, 2019

In the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, a new terminal for a longtime airport near the municipality of Florianópolis was officially opened. (Florianópolis is the capital of Santa Catarina.) This airport, which traces its origins to the 1920s, was named after Hercilio Pedro da Luz (1860-1924). Luz’s public service on behalf of Santa Catarina included serving as in that region of Brazil included serving as that state’s governor a total of three times.

Construction on the new terminal at Florianópolis-Hercilio Luz International Airport (also known as Floripa Airport) began on January 15, 2018. It was constructed on the side of the main runway that is opposite from where the old terminal had been built.

The number of gates for the current terminal is 14 altogether, three for international flights and 11 for domestic trips. The other upgrades incorporated into this terminal included an automated dispatch system for doubling the capacity for baggage-processing at the airport; and a panoramic terrace open to the public. As part of another airport infrastructure project that was undertaken at the same time, the main runway was significantly extended from 330 feet (100 meters) to 7,900 feet (2,400 meters). In addition, a taxiway was built parallel to that runway.

Approximately 500 invited guests were on hand for the dedication ceremony for Florianópolis-Hercilio Luz International Airport’s new terminal. The public officials taking part in this ceremony included Tareisio Gomes de Freitas (born in 1975), Brazil’s minister of infrastructure; and Carlos Moisés da Silva (born in 1967), governor of Santa Catarina. Three days after these inaugural festivities, the first regular takeoffs and landings of planes at that terminal took place.

Photo Credit: Public Domain (https://floripa-airport.com/)

For more information on Florianópolis-Hercilio Luz International Airport (also known as Floripa Airport), please check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herc%C3%ADlio_Luz_International_Airport

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